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Learn LINUX from our Experts in IT industry. We are the best providers of Iglobal Linux Training in Hyderabad with excellent syllabus. By placement, course syllabus and practicals we are the Best Linux Training Institute in Hyderabad.

Introduction to Linux for Developers is designed to bring experienced users and developers up to speed quickly to working in a Linux environment. You will learn what the main ingredients are in a Linux system and how to use them, including topics such as:

Linux Training Objective

The history of Linux and what differentiates it from other UNIX-like operating systems

The role of the various Linux Distributions

How graphical desktops work in Linux and how to efficiently use them.

The essentials of system administration, such as user accounts and groups, essential commands How tow work at the command line and write bash scripts.

How to compile programs

How to work with files and directories and modify and manipulate their contents

Disk partitioning and filesystems

How to work with filesystems, including formatting, checking, and controlling access rights

How to install, upgrade, and patch Linux systems to keep them stable and secure

Networking and threading models

Aspects of compiling and using libraries

Working with Java under Linux , And much more


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