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Introduction to the python with Django

I Global technologies is the best python training institute in Hyderabad,Ameerpet providing Advanced Python training with Django by 10+ yrs of realtime Industry Experts.

Django is a Highly Advanced Python Web framework that Enhances rapid development and clean, utilitarian design. Built by extreemly skilled developers, it takes care of much of the pique of Web development, so you can centralize on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.

Advantages of Django:

Ridiculously fast

Highly Secured

Exceedingly scalable



General Introduction to Python

What is Python?

Why Python?

Installation of Python


Boolean Values

For Loop,Range() function-Break,Continue,Exit

Flow Controls: Simple- If,If-else,If-else-if,Nested-If

Infinite Loops

Basic Python Syntax:

Data Types





Type Conversions Functions

Conditional Statements:




Nested if else

Looping Statements:

While Loop

For Loop

Infinite Loop

Nested Loops

Control Statements:

Break Statements

Continue Statements


Collections Data Types:





Slicing of a List

Adding or Removing Elements

Methods used in are explained with sample programs

1. Keys       2. Extend       3.Values       4. Items       5. Get       6. Setdefault       7.Append       8. Insert       9. Remove       10.Clear       11. Index       12. Count       13.Sort       14. Copy

Strings are amongst the most popular types in Python. We can create them simply by enclosing characters in quotes. Python treats single quotes the same as double quotes.

We cover Methods:

Lower ()      join ()       startswith ()       min ()       zfill ()       upper ()       Split()       endswith()       replace()       rindex ()       title()       rjust()       Isdigit()       index()      isalpha()       ljust()       maketrans()       find()       Isdecimal()       strip()       replace()       rfind()       isspace()       lstrip()       Max()       swapcase()       Modules:re,re.compile(),,format()

Regular Expressions:

Regular expressions syntax

Pattern matching using group

Pattern matching using PIPE

Greedy values

Shorthand characters

Pattern matching using digits,spaces and word

Regular expressions Methods

Escape sequences and Modifiers with example programs

File Handling:

What is file?

Opening file

Various file modes

Reading data from file

Writing data to a file

Closing a file

Replacing the contents of file

Working with Directories

Handling I/O functions

Open(),read(),write(),close(),read Line()

seek(),tell(),makedirs(),get cwd() with example programs


defining a functions

calling a function

function parameters

types of parameters

default parameters

user defined functions

recursive functions

inner functions

inner functions using debugger

nested functions

multiple return of values


Syntax errors

Run time errors

Types of errors

What is exception?

Predefined exceptions

Exception handling

Try,except and finally clauses

Handling multiple exceptions

Nested try,except and finally blocks

Raising exceptions




After an introduction of the basics of the web application framework Django, all participants will install Django themselves. Then we start developing a first, simple application. We develop this application further and deepen our knowledge about the used components.

Software tools for a Django development environment

Database abstraction (Object Relational Mapper)

Creation of a model

Model validation

Export and import of data (via JSON)

Working with an ORM on the commandline

Using Django’s admin

Defining URLs at one place (Routing)

In-depth explanation of function based views

How to use class-based views

Creating templates using Django’s template engine

How to handle static files in Django

Managing Django’s settings

Different debugging techniques


Forms and their validation

Sending email using a form



Sessions and messages


Write your own middleware

Create your own tags and filters

Python With Django
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